That guy who makes the beer.


Armando DeDona is a hardcore hop enthusiast and a craftsman at heart. Whether he’s building a bar or crafting a recipe, he’s always working with his hands.

Armando’s passion for brewing began over 16 years ago when he received a brew kit as a gift. And, his love for craft beer started a good deal earlier than that. A natural problem-solver and creator, Armando honed his brewing skills over the many years as a home brewer. To get legit, Armando studied commercial beer-making and traditional cask-conditioning in the U.K., and continues to stay in-tune with the latest in the scene.


QUICK FACTs about Armando

  • Guiding Principal: I’d rather make something than buy something

  • Friends say: I’m totally serious about not being serious

  • Favorite hop: Centennial – it’s the workhorse for the IPA

  • Favorite beer-pairing: Burger and an IPA

  • Unsung beer style you’d like to see thrive in the U.S.: I’d like to see more bars carrying cask-conditioned ales

  • Kirk or Picard: Picard


The Brewery

We started on a 7BBL system with three 10BBL fermenters, and one 15 BBL fermenter. We have upgraded to a 15BBL system, with seven 30BBL fermenters, and a growing barrel room. We keep our scale on the smaller side so we can focus on taproom experiences (versus wholesale), and ensuring only the freshest beer on tap.



The O.G. brewery at 425 W. Fountain